Online Shopping Gets Easier with Buy Now Pay Later

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now Pay Later is one of the kind payment services that allows merchants to have a pay later feature. It helps customers or buyers to easily shop for what they need and stay on top of their budget. The Buy Now Pay Later service has been used by over thousands of merchants nationwide, with this payment option, customers can shop at their favourite online stores & offline stores, and access to exclusive installment payment. That being said, now customers can manage their purchase with the Buy Now Pay Later payment solution.

Start Shopping and Buy Now Pay Later

Signing up to Buy Now Pay Later allows business owners to have an installment payment option during their payment checkout and it allows customers to have a more flexible shopping experience with an installment payment option. Customers or buyers will be able to shop online and pay in 3-4 instalments with the Buy Now Pay Later payment option! It’s so simple, customers can pay the first installment then their item will be shipped, then they make the rest payment according to the monthly installments.

Live in the Moment & Better Shopping Experience

With Buy Now Pay Later, customers can enjoy the interest free (0% interest) installment when they purchase through a merchant who has the Buy Now Pay Later option as their checkout options. Customers will always keep updated when the next payment for their installment is so they can have better financial management.

It’s Time to Take Control on Spending

Buy Now Pay Later will not charge any interest fees or hidden charges towards merchants or customers. The payments are automatically charged from the debit or credit card every month with the customer consent. Buy Now Pay Later is here to simplify how consumers pay and save every day budget by offering fast and seamless payment solutions online and offline. And let’s get it started now!

Buy Now Pay Later