Newest Payment Solution, Buy Now Pay Later

Introducing Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later is a new term for online payment service and it works exactly like how it sounds, buy now and pay later. Online shopping’s newest revolution is to offer the best payment plan for customers so they can get what they want now while giving them options to plan their budgets. 

To elaborate further, it is understood that customer needs are changing and this new Buy Now Pay Later is offering customers more choice around how they choose to pay and when, depending on the option which suits them best.

Flexible Payment Solution – Buy Now Pay Later

So how does Buy Now Pay Later help shoppers? When making a payment, customers will have additional flexibility to use it for their everyday spending for smaller purchases as well as split over three to four instalments to help smooth payments for bigger purchases.

In addition to the above, customers will enjoy even more benefits when using the Buy Now Pay Later solution. With Buy Now Pay Later, enjoy no additional fees and interest for the businesses owners and customers.

Why Use Buy Now Pay Later

It is the ultimate online shopping experience that puts people in control. Buy Now Pay Later is here to bring  what customers want, whenever they want it and enjoy the best shopping experience the market can offer.

  1. Split The Payment
    • Pay in 3-4 monthly instalments. Make a large bill smaller at checkout. Pay only 1/3 or 1/4 of the total bill today.
  2. Pay in the next month.
    • Track the monthly spend and pay for it all in one bill.
  3. No hidden fees and NO INTEREST
    • There’s no interest, no upfront costs, and no fees as long as customers repay on time.
  4. Top Notch Security and Privacy
    • The customer’s credit card number is safe. All the private details will be secured.
Buy Now Pay Later